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Q - What is the size of your building? 

A  - Our design calls for a pretty sizable building. It is nearly 1400 feet long, almost 500 feet wide and at it highest point 23 stories tall. Inside we will have almost 8 acres of real snow split between skislopes and snowplay.

Q - Will it be freezing cold inside & how do you keep the building cold? 

A -   It will be around 28°f inside, but still very pleasant. That is thanks to some realy smart engineering , we cool the snow from below, utilizing a smart underfloor cooling system, ensuring the best quality snow without having to make it realy cold inside and using a lot of energy!
A -   We plan to have several layers of tickets and experiences starting at around $30 for the snow play area and $55 for the slopes.  Equipment rental is included in the admission and if a guest brings their own we will give a small discount. Things that are very personal as Hats and Gloves need to be bought or brought. You can show up in you shorts and Flip-Flops and go skiing while its 100f outside! 

Q - Skiing and Snowboarding in Texas? Must be Expensive!?

Q - Your building must be very large and very noisy!

A - The architectural team has made sure this will be a structure that stands like a true landmark. With Alpine inspired designs for the hotel and modern design for the dome, we believe the structure will be a true gateway to any city. As the building is super insulated for efficiency purposes we are certain you will not hear anything outside, ensuring our neighbors and hotel guest can have a wonderful night's sleep.

Q - What is the snow made of?

A -   Our snow is made of 100% water, we do not use any chemicals or additives

Q - I don't know how to ski, so why would I come?

A -   We will have a fantastic skischool, with highly certified instructors that can get you skiing and snowboarding in a matter of days. If you don't feel like going on the slopes, you can visit the 44 ,000 square feet snowplay where you can ride in a zorb ball, tube down the hill and go on many more snowy adventures! 
A -  We'd love for you to come and stay at the hotel, it  comes with many perks! But no, anyone can come and enjoy the snow, no bookings needed, unless you want a certain ski or snowboard lesson.

Q - Do I have to stay in the hotel to ski?

A -  No worries, we will have not only a pro-shop with the best gear and a great maintenance option on site, but all gear will be included in your ticket price. All you need to buy is your gloves and a hat if you want. If you want to ride your own board you are more than welcome to do so!

Q - I haven't used my gear in years, not sure it will work?

Q - How about safety?

A -  We have a very experienced team that has managed more than 5 snow attractions across the globe, they will be working with a team of experts to ensure the design of the building, slopes and all other components supersedes the required standards. Once open, our ski patrol team will ensure a safe environment on the slopes and can assist if something were to happen. An onsite professional clinic can assist with any needs that our guest might have.

Did we miss something? We'd love to hear your questions! Send them to

and we will answer your question and add it to the Faq's!

Q - What about the environment, with all the power that will be needed?

A - Our experienced engineering team have a clear task in regards to our sustainability and efficiency objectives. As a result of an obsessive focus on how we create the perfect snow conditions, such as underfloor cooling instead of ambient cooling, our calculations show  that the snow facility will use equal or even less electricity as the attached 250 room hotel. We will have over 8000 solar panels on the roof, offsetting our carbon foot print, while recycling heat and cold through heat exhangers, resulting for example in a heated resort pool. We will recycle all water that is used for snow making and will have a huge grey water capture tank under the facility, being filled with recycled water and using rain water for among other, all resort landscaping. 
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