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Welcome to The Grand Alps Resort,

The ultimate indoor skiing destination where you can snow ski 365 days a year! Our facility will be an evolution in entertainment and sports inspired by real snow.


True to its name, our resorts are grand & encompass large spaces, combining up to 370,000 square feet of real snow  in our larger projects. Supported by fantastic secondary attractions and outstanding amenities the Grand Alps Resort creates an environment where everyone can enjoy. We expect up to 2 million guests annually to visit some of our facilities and have an amazing snow experience either skiing, snowboarding or just enjoying our year-round unique winter resort environment.


© 2016 The Grand Alps Resort Group

Video rendering true to scale, depicts the conceptual layout.

Indoor Ski slope

© 2016 The Grand Alps Resort Group

Come and Play!
For those guests that wish not to go skiing, we offer an amazing family snow play area at our resorts. With a dedicated entrance this winter wonderland is designed for everyone to enjoy the snow; with loads of activities such as tubing, Zorbing and other chilly rides. 


The larger resorts offer a dedicated chairlift for non-skiers that brings guests to the mid-mountain castle for a hot chocolate or lunch. After enjoying the gastronomic delights, the chairlift ride continues as you enjoy the vista’s of the slopes while comfortably seated at least 40 feet above the snow.

Our expertly designed facilities, featuring one of longest indoor ski runs in the world, has an immense footprint. Over 1,100' in length, an astonishing 570′ wide and a towering 300+′ tall and an iconic design, The Grand Alps creates a statement from the moment you get near. Our ski resorts offer multiple ski runs to accommodate beginner, intermediate and expert skiers; including green runs with slopes from 6º to 10º, Blue runs to slopes from 10º to 12.5º, Black runs from 12.5º to 28º. Every facility is temperature controlled at 28º at all public times and snowmaking is several times per week ensuring a great and crisp snow surface. With nightly grooming and continuous inspections, our runs are consistent and to the same high standards every visit, every time.


The facility’s layout allows for multiple options in regards to vertical transportation, with high speed chairlifts for the intermediate and advanced user to the belts and rope pulls for the beginner, no guest has to ever worry about getting to the top of the mountain safely. Our flexible design allows for every facility to be unique and challenging making return visits fun and exciting. To ensure our more advanced winter sport enthusiasts continue to be challenged and improve their skills our resorts offers a world class freestyle park with rails, kickers, jumps, performance area, big airbag zone and in designated resorts even an 18 foot competition half pipe.


Indoor Ski slope

© 2016 The Grand Alps Group

Our dedicated ski school area complements the ski slopes with a safe and special designed layout, improving quality of education and attention to every ski & snowboard student. Our team of certified instructors will gets on skis or snowboards quickly and ensures every guests technique prepares them for a great winter sport experience, indoors or on the mountain.Though our resort is designed to exceed federal safety standards, in the remote chance that something would occur on the slopes the facility is equipped with dedicated on site clinic to support all guest staying at our resort or visiting one of the many attractions. A team of ski patrollers will ensure the slopes are safe for all guests.

Sustainable & Well Engineered!

To maintain perfect conditions and at the same time limit our impact on our surroundings, The Grand Alps has partnered up with the best of the Industry's best. Every facility is designed to the highest efficiency standards in regards to energy, water consumption and reduction of footprint. We achieve this through the use of high density insulation, control of air turnover, smart & automated refrigeration systems, space dehumidification and a focus on efficiency in every facet of our engineering. In addition to a continuous focus on reduction of use of our resources, managing our waste to be recycle, we commit to source sustainable made products for our F&B take away programs and merchandise lines.


All our facilities have an extensive grey water system that is fed by both rain water, condensation water generated from dehumidification and melted snow. All this reclaimed water we use for irrigation and restroom amenities. The heat regenerated from the refrigeration process is used to preheat the steam driven hotel laundry processes, waterpark and in winter help to heat the guest’s hotel room to a comfortable temperature.

The Grand Alps indoor snow facility

© 2016 The Grand Alps Group

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