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The exciting development portfolio of The Grand Alps Group not only focuses on entertainment, sport and fun, we have a serious side too!


As a result to a strong network we are able to bring together very diverse landowners, investors and hotel brands.  With access to unique and outstanding plots of land and some of the most outstanding 4 & 5 star hotel brands, we have been able to create some unique partnerships. Add in our design team that is able to draw up a structure that stands out from the bland skyline we see in city's now a days and a winning recipe is ready for execution. Add back in some of the fun from our entertainment & indoor snow division to create something unique, setting your project or property in a market with its own and unique U.S.P.

Once the property is built, our operations team is ready to bring the finishing touches and ensure that the design and layout supports a stay that is easy, relaxing and most of all memorable.


2019 -TGA-GroupLogo-NOBACKGROUND.png
2019 -TGA-GroupLogo-NOBACKGROUND.png

We insist on the highest service level standards as our baseline, are obsessive about creating an environment where every interaction is genuine and personal, creating a memory every guest will cherish. With our extensive background in international leisure, entertainment and hospitality, we are able to choose not only the best people, leaders and systems, but the best service practices and protocols from different markets around the world.

In addition to these unique stand alone hospitality projects, our hospitality team supports the resort developments by ensuring that the integrated hotel is not only a true resort experience like one would expect on the Mexican coast or at a high end location in the mountains, but to ensure that every guest is offered a part of the unique amenities on resort ground. Integration between the secondary attractions, ski slopes and hotels is something that is key for us. We focus on an fully integrated, obstacle free stay for every guest, by utilizing the newest technology for booking & access and of course having a guest equipment ready in the room when they arrive!

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