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Warm & Wet Fun!

As part of our attraction options and as an ideal addition to resorts that are located in urban areas, The Grand Alps can offer a Family Entertainment Center concept that brings fun to the resort visitor and local resident alike. Packed with the newest video games, newest bowling technology, loads of skill games and a redemption portfolio that blows every kid away, the FEC brings tons of fun to every family’s visit.

There is one thing that brings a unique possibility to our FEC’s, the sheer volume of space underneath the ski slope with a ceiling height limitation reaching 185 feet! That’s no FEC, that is an indoor amusement park… Yes, even a roller coaster fits underneath the ski slope!

With over 160,000 square feet to be utilized, The Grand Alps Resort offers a full scale indoor amusement park with carrousels, kiddy rides and other attractions that may be scary even for the adults in the family! Come and see, win some prizes and stay an extra day at The Grand Alps Resort!

Is an indoor amusement park not the right attraction for your region or project? No worries, we have many fantastic concepts in our portfolio, what about using that cavernous space as a cinema complex? With our cinema partners we can create an array of cinematic experiences, imagine that huge Imax ® with Laser technology screen, 4Dx cinemas or Gold class recliner seat screens. We can differentiate your project and bring a cinema with full service dining experience in the room, no need to get up, our team will take guests orders and serve the food and drinks to their chair, just so that your guests don’t miss a second of the blockbuster!

By utilizing the height under the ski slope we are able to create so many secondary attractions. How about a 200 feet tall climbing wall or an adventure park. Together with our partners we can create something that fits the demographic in the development's region. Combinations of all of these options are even more exciting, bringing a resort experience that captures the guest for days of amazing memories....

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